Monte Carlo Simulation for Radio station lottery

A German regional radio station offers a special lottery. They buy lottery tickets for 1.000 EUR and you get all the money which is mentioned in the tickets as direct wins.

In Maximum you can win 600.000 EUR if the 500 tickets (which cost 1.000 EUR) include 2 direct jackpot tickets (with 300.000 EUR each). The chance is 1/5.000.000 per ticket, so getting both is dramatically low.

But what money could you win for real? „Monte Carlo Simulation for Radio station lottery“ weiterlesen

Champange – a analysis of prices with R Studio

New Year´s Eve is coming soon and as I am currently doing some Data Science courses at edx, I thougth analyzing the Champagne brands could be some fun.

Where do the data come from? I collected the prices & other information for several Champagne brands on the website „“ as it has a variety of products & bottle sizes.  Accordingly I collected bottle size, brand, price per bottle, Normal vs. Rose-Champagne & whether it is a Special Year Edition (incl. Vintage).

I analyzed the data with R Studio and made some plots with ggplot. Let´s see what is in the data:

Plot showing the differences between Champagne Rose and „not rose“

Rose is in average slightly more expensive than products which are not rose.  


Products with a Year label are about 3 times more expensive than unlabeled Champagnes. 

So if you want to buy some special Champagne for New Year´s Eve, you should choose Rose and not concentrate on Vintage.  The most expensive price is, that is quite obvious, is Rose Champagner which is labeled with a special year.

Not labeled & not rose: 94,47€/litre

Labeled & not rose: 275,67€/litre

Not labeled & rose: 104,72€/litre

Labeled & rose: 310,63€/litre

Please be aware, that these data only show averages and do not represent all Champagne brands. Nevertheless, I hope these results were interesting for you.

Happy New Year!!!