Champange – a analysis of prices with R Studio

New Year´s Eve is coming soon and as I am currently doing some Data Science courses at edx, I thougth analyzing the Champagne brands could be some fun.

Where do the data come from? I collected the prices & other information for several Champagne brands on the website „“ as it has a variety of products & bottle sizes.  Accordingly I collected bottle size, brand, price per bottle, Normal vs. Rose-Champagne & whether it is a Special Year Edition (incl. Vintage).

I analyzed the data with R Studio and made some plots with ggplot. Let´s see what is in the data:

Plot showing the differences between Champagne Rose and „not rose“

Rose is in average slightly more expensive than products which are not rose.  


Products with a Year label are about 3 times more expensive than unlabeled Champagnes. 

So if you want to buy some special Champagne for New Year´s Eve, you should choose Rose and not concentrate on Vintage.  The most expensive price is, that is quite obvious, is Rose Champagner which is labeled with a special year.

Not labeled & not rose: 94,47€/litre

Labeled & not rose: 275,67€/litre

Not labeled & rose: 104,72€/litre

Labeled & rose: 310,63€/litre

Please be aware, that these data only show averages and do not represent all Champagne brands. Nevertheless, I hope these results were interesting for you.

Happy New Year!!!